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Bolt Cap Products

The bolt cap is a solution designed for speed of built and easy connection fire protection, they are available both in metric and imperial sizes and will provide protection to cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fire scenarios.

Custom as well as standard geometries are available and bolt caps are available either direct in bulk or via Construction Site Supplies in South Ruislip , Middlesex in smaller quantities (see www.constructionsitesupplies.co.uk/fire-protection-bolt-caps/) or globally via AKZO Nobel / International Paints (www.intercharboltcap.com) under their Interchar and Chartek brands.

Currently there are different performance versions of bolt cap product available for differing fire threat levels:-

HB grade bolt caps designed to be used in conjunction with passive fire protective coatings (pfp coatings) for steel framed structures. Versions of this grade can provide cellulosic fire protection up to 180 minutes (tested to ASTM E119/ UL263) and hydrocarbon/jet fire protection up to 120 minutes (tested to UL 1709/ISO 22899). A further enhanced version is also now available tested up to 240 minutes in a hydrocarbon fire.

PX grade bolt caps are intended to be able to provide the very highest levels of protection against blast and high heat flux jet fire exposure as well as cryogenic exposure. They are designed to be used for stand alone bolt protection on flanges, tunnels etc where there is no pfp coating and enable easy cyclic inspection - this grade is currently in development will be launching with a major global partner.

Mechanical fastening means no need to clean or prepare the bolt and the options are either the original tap on or the newer screw fit (to enable easy subsequent bolt inspection if required).

Masking inserts are also available to make the pfp application process efficient when using bolt caps.

Bolt Cap Technical Data

The Bolt Cap data is available in the pdf downloads available on this screen and outlines the indicative requirements as well as the performance of the 'Tapon Bolt Cap', as tested to date.

Click Here for Technical data PDF download

Bolt Cap H&S Data

No special precautions are necessary when using bolt caps. Reasonable care should be taken when installing to avoid contact with the internal clips. Bolt caps are manufactured from a specially formulated compound which is stable and inert under normal atmospheric conditions. When subject to prolonged exposure above 1,200 degrees C the Cap will very gradually harden leaving a grey product form with no harmful by-products. Bolt Caps may be disposed of as normal household waste where permitted by the Local Authority.

Download the Health & Safety data sheet for full information.

Click Here for H&S data PDF download

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