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It has long been felt that the bolted connections in multi-storey steel frames and structures have been the Achilles' heel in fire resistant design. The connection is a critical element of the frame and is seldom treated as such. The Boltcap is a solution designed to satisfy this problem and the data in the pdf downloads available on this screen outlines the indicative requirements as well as the performance of the 'Cap', as tested to date.


Boltcaps Are Easy To Use

No special precautions are necessary when using bolt caps, they are manufactured from a specially formulated compound system which is stable and inert under normal atmospheric conditions and not affected by extremes of environment. They are suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

They provide engineered protection and are simply snapped into place as shown, need no surface primer or preparation, make visual inspection easy and are ideal for speeding up the build rate.

They avoid the need and quality variability of traditional time consuming paint protection. 

Bolt caps are available in both metric and imperial sizes as well as being able to be supplied in custom shapes if required.:-

HB grade bolt caps designed to be used in conjunction with passive fire protective coatings (pfp coatings) with different versions tested either for building fires up to 180 minutes or for oil/jets fires up to 120 minutes. A further version is also now available tested for up to 240 minutes with a hydrocarbon fire.

PX grade bolt caps,are in current development for launch with a major partner, and these are intended to be able to provide protection against blast and high heat flux jet fire exposure as well as cryogenic exposure. These are designed to be used for stand alone bolt protection on flanges, tunnels etc where there is no pfp coating and to enable easy cyclic inspection - in you wish to register interest then please email us.

Masking inserts are also available to make the pfp application process efficient when using bolt caps.

The HB grade bolt cap versions are available globally via AKZO / International Paints (see www.intercharboltcap.com).

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