Typhoon Performance Products Ltd

It has long been felt that the bolted connections in multi-storey steel frames and structures have been the Achilles' heel in fire resistant design. The connection is a critical element of the frame and intumescent paint protected bolted connections can be under-protected in fire, potentially leading to premature structural collapse.

The Boltcap is designed to solve this problem and providing fire protection for cellulosic, hydrocarbon, jet fire and high heat flux jet fire scenarios very efficiently with easy inspection and verification.


Bolt Caps Are Easy To Use Giving Cost And Time Savings In Any Weather

  • Cost Savings - quick and easy to apply - up to 9 times faster
  • All weather application
  • Quick & easy inspection of joints
  • Consistent quality to all connections
  • Quick & easy cyclic inspection if required
  • Tap on and screw on fitting available
  • Tailored masking inserts available for extra speed of build
  • Health & Safety benefits - less working time at height
  • Standard metric, imperial and custom sizes and shapes available

They provide engineered protection and are simply snapped into place as shown, need no surface primer or preparation, make inspection easy and are ideal for speeding up the build rate or recover programme time.

New application such as corrosion & erosion protection and protecting concrete anchors are also taking place (see the news section).

Cellulosic and hydrocarbon tapon bolt caps are available direct or via distribution globally.

Interchar and Chartek bolt caps are also supplied in conjunction with and on behalf of Akzo Nobel

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