Typhoon Performance Products Ltd


Typhoon Bolt Caps

Engineered to Cost effectively provide simple easy and quick installation in any weather to give the best fire protection to one of the most crucial parts of any structure - the bolted connection.

  Used Globally on a range of projects, such as iconic buildings, oil and gas installations, airports, pharma plants and other demanding asset protections.
Widely tested and evaluated and demonstrated to give protection up to 3 hours cellulosic, 4 hours hydrocarbon and 2 hours jet fire with no volatile emission on site.   No equivalents able to offer this range of benefits and available in metric and imperial sizes to suit a range of bolt types and custom shapes if required.  
Bolt Cap Application


Benefits undefined

Bolt Caps Are Easy To Use Giving Cost And Time Savings In Any Weather

  • Cost Savings - quick and easy to apply fire protection in seconds
  • Can be applied in any weather
  • Quick & easy inspection of joints
  • Consistent quality to all connections
  • Quick & easy cyclic inspection if required
  • Extension pieces for quick double nut protection
  • Tailored masking inserts available for extra speed of build
  • Health & Safety benefits - less working time at height
  • Standard metric, imperial and custom sizes and shapes available
  • Negligible VOC

New Versions In Launch

  • Providing protection for double nut anchor bolts
  • Providing anti corrosive properties as well
  • Protecting concrete anchor connections & adjacent concrete